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:::::: Psych Season 4 Finale: Wow, this was a super finale. It kept me on my toes. SPOILERS )

::::::: White Collar Season 1 Finale: SPOILERAGE )

::::::: Burn Notice Season 3 Finale: So is Michael finally going to be a spy again? If if he, will that be the end of the show? I guess the writers are smart and still can work storylines whatever it may be. Great finale.

-Now I have to wait until the Summer for these shows returns. I pray they aren't in August but in July like they used to be. Smallville will be ending in May so I don't want to wait that long.

::::::: Spring Break is next week! But it kind of starts tomorrow after my comp 1 class because Friday is open lab for my Graphic classes, which is optional. So I don't have to go. I might go for art though because I don't know what I'm doing and don't have a great working space. Now I can go run out and get some applications out again. :)

::::::: Gonna go see Alice In Wonderland with my brother tomorrow night, I'm so excited! :) Hopefully I'll see it 3D. I haven't seen a film in 3D in theatres before, so I'm pretty psyched. My only thing is, why did they name it the same as the original if the story isn't even the original? It's kind of confusing. It should have been Alice: Return to Wonderland, Alice In Wonderland: The Return, or Return to Wonderland. Something like that. It'd make more sense, wouldn't ya think?

::::::: So whoever gave my the gift of 34 userpics thanks will all of my heart! :) I can deal with that. haha. THANK YOU BUNCHES! XOXOXO

::::::: Time to clean off my computer again and back it up on my external hard drive. One I only have like 3 gigs left and the other 12, so it's bad. And I just cleaned it off last month! arg. this gets annoying. I wish I had never ending space.

::::::: I organized my tags, got a new layout, and a new profile layout. :) I was in the mood

:::::::: Smallville returns in 3 weeks on April 2nd!! Then we have no more break and the finale is on May 14th! yess!!! Speaking of which here's some spoilers:

:::::::: Love Never Dies the sequel to Phantom of the Opera set in America on Coney Island ten years after the end of the original.
Since I've heard about this and read the storyline of this sequel I haven't been too excited about it. You can see the full plot HERE:

It completely craps on the meaning and everything of the first one. She chose Raoul, like it or not. Yes I wish she went with Erik. but she didn't. Then in the sequel they decide to have a son with Christine & Raoul, his name is Gustave. Only to find out that Gustave is actually Erik's. You get this storyline that Christine came after Erik the night before her and Raoul's wedding and they have a night of passion and intimacies. (I rather wish they married first, ugh) Where Gustave is obviously conceived. Erik leaves before she wakes up for whatever reason. She ends up marrying Raoul anyways after she cheated on him. This story makes her into a heartless hoe playing between these two men and with their hearts. Not cool.
Raoul is in debt because of some gambling habits. and mind you he is a complete and utter alcoholic jerk to Christine and Gustave. (Raoul of course thinks Gustave is his son if I didn't mention that) I mean you got her! So what's the problem? Geez. She chose you over Erik and this is how you repay her? So Raoul's character is screwy as well. Erik eventually does find out Gustave is his and Christine admits it. Erik and Raoul make a deal about Christine. She sings, she stay with Erik and Raoul leaves alone. She doesn't, she goes with Raoul and his debts are paid. Christine ends up singing. So happy ending for Erik & Christine finally?! Nope. Oh yes and Madame Giry and Meg are in this story as well and play a part. They apparently helped Erik into America and get him on his feet as a master of Coney Island. Meg is constantly trying to please Erik with her stardom and music. But doesn't, as Erik is still deep in love with Christine. In the end, in jealousy, Meg ends up shooting Christine. Obviously killing her. Right before Christine dies, she tells Gustave that Erik is his dad. And she kisses Erik and dies.

Don't get me wrong, some the music is actually good. A few songs actually worth listening to. But the story is just beyond lame and irritating. I do love the voices they chose for Christine and Erik; Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess. Ramin's voice is incredible and fits the Phantom very well. Both of the actors have portrayed the characters in the original Phantom. I've heard Sierra before, she did Ariel for The Little Mermaid on Broadway. I enjoyed her version of Ariel well. Still wish I could have seen the show. :( They have the characters down pat no matter how messed up it is.
After listening to the whole CD, I believe my favorites are "'Til I Hear You Sing" by Phantom, "Love Never Dies" by Christine, "    Beneath the Moonless Sky" by Phantom/Christine, "Look With Your Heart" by Christine/Gustave, "Beauty Underneath" by Phantom/Gustave (minus Gustave, cause he's weird in it, by Ramins vocals rock), and I kind of like "Devil Take the Hindmost" with Raoul/Phantom; Both deliver well.

I downloading a copy last week to listen to last week. Tuesday when it released I bought the deluxe edition of the soundtrack. I splurged. lol. I enjoyed the BTS DVD it came with and the booklet. :) But it will never be up there as the original is for me. If it becomes successful enough to become a movie, the only thing I'd like is Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum reprising the roles. Just because I love them as Erik/Christine on my screen. Especially Gerard. And their versions of the songs would be love!
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