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 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Starting a diet today. I've never weighed so much in my life. I would love to lose at least 40-50 lbs....but we'll see. I have a doctor's appointment in a few weeks and I just need to lose some weight and get healthy. A friend tried this thing and lost 20 lbs. So I'm trying that out. You make a goal, and it tells you how many calories a day you can intake and how much excericise you can do during the week and gives you an estimated time when you should lose about so much. It's really nice and keeps track of all of that so I don't have too.
Although I did go 400 calories over because I was really hungry at only like 7ish. I worked tonight so I had to eat at like 4. So I ate fruit and some muffie when we were closing. I was so bad. But it's the first day and I need to get some stuff that fills me more with less calories. Today was a trial run. I hope I stick to it!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Jane Eyre is out next friday! eep! I'm so excited; my sister and I will probably go over spring break. Which, btw, couldn't come soon enough. I'm tired of being tired. lol. This Friday we don't have school, conferences or whatever. Happy about that. I have 4 days left of our flash class and then we move on to web. I'm so ready to be done, I don't care for the class and I dread it everyday. I hate flash. I hope I rarely ever have to use it or not at all. Too techy for me.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Smallville's fortune was good. I really enjoyed the lightness of it! :) I actually liked Oliver in this episode, I mean ever since he's been with Chloe and he's lost her, he hasn't been enjoyable. In fact he annoyed me with his mopey sappy crap. I love him when he's around Lois, they're friendship is just so great. He actually made me laugh, just the way I did back in season 6. It felt like old times. I'm not too pleased that Chloe supposedly met or will meet Wonder Woman and Batman before Clark. That was a bad move. And the chlollie marriage, was so unnecessary. I don't want Oliver going back to Star City just because of someone, nonetheless Chloe. I'm glad she's going back in the news business, I liked her then. And Oliver's WIFE is Dinah, no one else. I'm just a canon shipper when it comes to Clois and Dollie. Can't help it. So is clois postponing the wedding then? From the way Lois was talking at the end, it sounded like she wanted to. I know it's probably a far-fetched dream to hope for a wedding on Smallville before it ends, but even a future glimpse of it similar to Homecoming would make my day. 

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