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 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hey all, so May was a crazy busy month for me. I had final projects to do and prepare for, college graduation, my sisters high school graduation and open house and 2 funerals in 1 week. My Grandpa was expected because he had aspirated pneumonia and was released from the hospital too soon before he was put into hospice and not given food and only 10 mm of water an hour. We knew he wouldn't last long without proper nutrition, and so he went home. I know where he is and that helps. My mom is hurting though, cause she was daddy's girl. I could not imagine. My dad's brother, my uncle, was unexpectedly killed in a car accident. That was harder because we didn't get to prepare to say goodbye and plus he was cremated so there wasn't really closure as his body wasn't there. It's been a long hard and busy month. I haven't had time to feel graduated until this week. I think I miss the people most. This growing up thing gets old after awhile.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Still working at Panera and will until I find a job in my graphic design field. I'm finally starting work on fixing up projects for my portfolio so I can start looking and be ready. I hope I find something this summer.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Smallville, is over and it makes me sad and I'm still in denial. It'll hit me more when the time comes around for it's usual fall return. The first show I faithfully stuck to until the end. :( I'll miss Tom's beautiful face on my screen weekly. I've been watching Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman this past month. I just got on the final season. I bought the whole series on amazon for $50 after watching 2 seasons online, I loved it enough to buy it so I could finish it. I'm on episode 3 of the final season and man this storyline line is the longest they've had without resolve. Covert Affairs and White Collar return tonight and I can't wait! :) Doctor Who, I still have to watch last Saturdays episode, I hate they are splitting the show and doing the other half in the fall. They only have 13 episodes not 22. Lame. I don't think it's been the greatest. I liked the first 2 eps but the rest have been kind of meh. Series 5 was better. I still have issues with how Moffat is dealing with the relationships and emotional issues of the show.
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 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Starting a diet today. I've never weighed so much in my life. I would love to lose at least 40-50 lbs....but we'll see. I have a doctor's appointment in a few weeks and I just need to lose some weight and get healthy. A friend tried this thing and lost 20 lbs. So I'm trying that out. You make a goal, and it tells you how many calories a day you can intake and how much excericise you can do during the week and gives you an estimated time when you should lose about so much. It's really nice and keeps track of all of that so I don't have too.
Although I did go 400 calories over because I was really hungry at only like 7ish. I worked tonight so I had to eat at like 4. So I ate fruit and some muffie when we were closing. I was so bad. But it's the first day and I need to get some stuff that fills me more with less calories. Today was a trial run. I hope I stick to it!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Jane Eyre is out next friday! eep! I'm so excited; my sister and I will probably go over spring break. Which, btw, couldn't come soon enough. I'm tired of being tired. lol. This Friday we don't have school, conferences or whatever. Happy about that. I have 4 days left of our flash class and then we move on to web. I'm so ready to be done, I don't care for the class and I dread it everyday. I hate flash. I hope I rarely ever have to use it or not at all. Too techy for me.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Smallville's fortune was good. I really enjoyed the lightness of it! :) I actually liked Oliver in this episode, I mean ever since he's been with Chloe and he's lost her, he hasn't been enjoyable. In fact he annoyed me with his mopey sappy crap. I love him when he's around Lois, they're friendship is just so great. He actually made me laugh, just the way I did back in season 6. It felt like old times. I'm not too pleased that Chloe supposedly met or will meet Wonder Woman and Batman before Clark. That was a bad move. And the chlollie marriage, was so unnecessary. I don't want Oliver going back to Star City just because of someone, nonetheless Chloe. I'm glad she's going back in the news business, I liked her then. And Oliver's WIFE is Dinah, no one else. I'm just a canon shipper when it comes to Clois and Dollie. Can't help it. So is clois postponing the wedding then? From the way Lois was talking at the end, it sounded like she wanted to. I know it's probably a far-fetched dream to hope for a wedding on Smallville before it ends, but even a future glimpse of it similar to Homecoming would make my day. 


Feb. 22nd, 2011 07:55 am
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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: First quiz in my photo direction class today and I'm really worried about it. It's all gonna be short answer/essay and we have tons of notes to go through for it. I hope I do better than I feel like I'm gonna.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: All Star Superman is out today and I'm gonna get it. I can't wait to watch it, I've heard nothing but good things about it, and finally there is a good amount of clois too!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I'm so happy I work 3 days this week. It's been awhile since we're over-staffed since the holidays. I've only been getting 2 days a week and I can't afford that with my car, and bills.
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 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I'm taking a much needed break from Tumblr and Twitter for  a week or so. As much as I love them more and spend more time on them, I've grown an unhealthy attachment and it's made me really insecure about myself. I've never been so insecure and needy for others attention in my life. And that's exactly what it's doing to me. I constantly feel like I have to achieve approval from others and try too hard for it.  Plus the negativity in the air online is getting to me a lot more and making me become negative towards things I love. Any of my free time will be spent with family, friends, God and other things of importance in my life. This will be good for me and I need it. A refreshment week. Hope I can stick to it. In the mean time, I'm re-trying DW and maybe even LJ out again. I miss journaling sometimes. 
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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I have this dumb paper to write for our final project in comp 1. I keep pushing it off and when I get into it, I cannot think of anything!!! rarw! The first draft is due next week, but I really need to start on it because I don't have a lot of time to do it with other crap on my plate. We pick our own topic and have 5 different sources. I picked global warming because I wanted to learn more about it, I also know a lot of it is over-exaggerated and propagandized so I kind of wanted to get into the big deal of and see if it really was as big a deal as it's made out to be. Are causing and contributing to it? That kind of thing. I hope I do it right and well, this science stuff is killing my brain cells. haha.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Movies: Watched "The Box", "Alvin & the Chipmunks 2", and "The Young Victoria" over the past couple of days. "The Box" was soo soo bad. I saw it mainly for James Marsden 'cause hello, look at him, lol, but it was bad. It kind of ticked me off with the ending it had, it was confusing, creepy, and just plain weird. Alvin was okay, but I wasn't too pleased with it. Thought it was kind of funny and cool they had the 'Chuck' actor in it. He plays geeky slacker well. :) "The Young Victoria" was a beautiful movie. I loved it and want it. Emily Blunt was breathtaking and I recognized Rupert Friend from "Pride & Prejudice". I thought it was rather cute, and it was beautiful without having junk in it to take away from it that a lot of films have.
Everytime I watch a period type film I get quite jealous of it. I mean the 1700s and 1800s seemed simpler, easier. But most of all I love how men acted like gentlemen, and women like ladies. Gentlemen that treated women with love, respect, and the uttermost care. Men like then are so rare nowadays it's sad really. Ladies who didn't throw themselves at any guy, or take initiative in the relationship. The men were the leaders, they were men, knights in shining armor that treasured women and their hearts. I wish we could have it like it was then, along with our plumbing and certain necessities that we have today. lol I pray the guy God has for me is as rare as they come. :)

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: For my Principles of Illustration class we are working on paper sculptures. I am having quite some fun with it! I am doing a mermaid, which actually turned out to be Ariel just because her colors worked best with it. I can't wait until it's all put together I hope it turns out okay. if you've never heard of paper sculpting before, well you should check it out it's pretty sweet what people make: CHECK EM OUT HERE

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: It's only been a week and half, and I'm quite pleased with how successful poto_daily seems to have gotten. We have about 75ish members/watchers now. :) Thanks to everyone who has joined, watched, commented, and helped with the community. :D Keep spreading the word about it! :)
Speaking of which, I couldn't resist, I watched POTO last friday for the umteenth time. I have been in a poto frenzy the last few weeks with the release of love nevers dies and have been listening to all poto music non-stop. It's addicting!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I am so frustrated with my life right now. I don't have my own car, I owe my parents money, I live with my parents, I only have a part time job and don't even get a bunch of hours, having a hard time getting another job, my spiritual walk sucks, I treat my family like crap some days. I am not happy with myself. I just wish everything was different, Jesus I need You to help me...before I crash and burn...Just keep me in your prayers guys, that's all I can really ask for and need. I seem to be having more bad days then good the past few weeks...
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