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 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hey all, so May was a crazy busy month for me. I had final projects to do and prepare for, college graduation, my sisters high school graduation and open house and 2 funerals in 1 week. My Grandpa was expected because he had aspirated pneumonia and was released from the hospital too soon before he was put into hospice and not given food and only 10 mm of water an hour. We knew he wouldn't last long without proper nutrition, and so he went home. I know where he is and that helps. My mom is hurting though, cause she was daddy's girl. I could not imagine. My dad's brother, my uncle, was unexpectedly killed in a car accident. That was harder because we didn't get to prepare to say goodbye and plus he was cremated so there wasn't really closure as his body wasn't there. It's been a long hard and busy month. I haven't had time to feel graduated until this week. I think I miss the people most. This growing up thing gets old after awhile.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Still working at Panera and will until I find a job in my graphic design field. I'm finally starting work on fixing up projects for my portfolio so I can start looking and be ready. I hope I find something this summer.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Smallville, is over and it makes me sad and I'm still in denial. It'll hit me more when the time comes around for it's usual fall return. The first show I faithfully stuck to until the end. :( I'll miss Tom's beautiful face on my screen weekly. I've been watching Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman this past month. I just got on the final season. I bought the whole series on amazon for $50 after watching 2 seasons online, I loved it enough to buy it so I could finish it. I'm on episode 3 of the final season and man this storyline line is the longest they've had without resolve. Covert Affairs and White Collar return tonight and I can't wait! :) Doctor Who, I still have to watch last Saturdays episode, I hate they are splitting the show and doing the other half in the fall. They only have 13 episodes not 22. Lame. I don't think it's been the greatest. I liked the first 2 eps but the rest have been kind of meh. Series 5 was better. I still have issues with how Moffat is dealing with the relationships and emotional issues of the show.

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