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-So this episode didn't turn out as amazing as I hoped. I was kind of disappointed.
-Of course Clois was cute, but I hate that they are willing to sleep with each other. I know it's old fashioned to a lot of you, but it'd be even more amazing and special if they waited until marriage. They do end up together, but it would just mean more if they waited. True love waits. I loved how on "Lois & Clark" they waited. That was so special to me they loved each other enough to wait.
-This episode was pretty much about everyone hooking up and sleeping together. Zess, Chlollie, and Clois. But clois never quite got around to it. It really rather annoyed me. Chlollie irritates me to no end. Especially even more so now. Chloe is using Ollie as her play thing, friends with benefits. How demeaning? She's been through 3 guys in a year to a year and a half in SV time. It ticks me off really. I miss Chloe from season 4-6. I want her back. She just needs to go.
-Zess has hot chemistry, but I hate it when people sleep together before marriage. I'm sorry it's what I believe.
-So will Tess be on Zod's side, or Clark's? hmmm....
-Silver Banshee was stupid. lol
-Clark's booby face when Chloe went naked on him. haha. "DO NOT WANT!!"
-Chlollie is weird and awkward and it kind of ruined the episode for me.
-Umm I hate that Zod, Tess, and Chloe all tramp around Clark's place like they own it when he's not there. Seriously. Back off! Martha needs to come back and smack em around for breaking an entering, really.
-Tess rocked it. You never know what she has up her sleeve and she is always a step ahead. Figuring out Zod's secret then using his weakness. But I'm afraid she might use it on Clark some time....
-Zod as the blur? And his voice was different, couldn't she tell?? The one time Clark decides to be considerate and not listen in on her convo! ugh!
-I can't wait for the checkmate stuff next week! :)) Oh boy, I love that kind of stuff!
-I give this episode 2 1/2, 3ish/5 stars.
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