Feb. 23rd, 2011

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 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Bought All Star Superman and finally had free time to watch it today. I really liked it. More Clois then the past flicks,which is a plus. But still not enough. I hope they make one where Clois is married and we have plenty of scenes with them. I didn't care for the voice choice for Clark TBH. Maybe I'm just stuck on the one they've used for most of their animated series, but it just didn't seem to fit. There were times when little things about Lois seemed OOC. Clark Kent's clumsiness in the film was just too funny and cute. More than I'd like in the live action versions but perfect for the animated film. I was sad when they chose the universe where Jonathon was dead. I would've loved to seen more interaction with Clark and his Kansas home and Lois, since he was dying. He didn't even tell his mom; Martha, that was probably just off-screensville but still. I enjoy seeing more of his ties with Earth played out. And to have him take Lois to the farm would've been so sweet. But you can't get everything you want, I know. Overall it was a good film, regardless if the end was not that satisfactory to me. I guess I just like to SEE happy endings for my favorite characters.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Also the 2 disc-DVD of Beauty and the Beast was on sale at Best Buy for $12, so I couldn't resist. I bought the combo pack back in October, but we don't have a blu-ray player yet and I doubt we'll have one anytime in the near future and I really really want to watch the special features. Those are some of my favorite parts of these special Disney dvds. I don't really care about special features much on films, but Disney is different. It still amazes me how they make them. They should've put the 2 pack dvd with the combo pack but whatever. 
  - I don't think I mentioned on here but I got my sister to go with me and we bought tickets to see "Beauty and the Beast" broadway musical that's actually coming to our city! I'm so excited. It's like a dream come true cause I don't know when or if I'll ever actually get to go to broadway in my life, I'm just so happy. It was $87 for both of us, which is yuck. But it's worth it to me because we might not get another chance. It's in April. I wish we could afford closer seats but binoculars will have to do. EEP! :D

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